Hello, I'm

Santripta Sharma

a 17-year old driven by curiosity and questionable decision-making.

About me

Hey, I'm Santripta Sharma, a high school senior at Delhi Public School Gurgaon, where I head the IT club of the school. I am passionate about game development and graphics programming. Some other fields I'm interested in are tools programming, computing, system design, visual design, sketching, psychology, philosophy, writing and political science.

I really enjoy delving into debates, maybe a little too much, since I commonly find myself caught in debates about topics I'm not familiar with.
Problem solving & puzzles are fun too, but my brain often betrays me.

The things I do

grouped by familiarity & proficiency


graphic design
sketching & drawing
motion graphics & video editing
native android app development
making cool stuff using GLSL
machine learning with python
react.js & other frontend frameworks
unreal engine game development


javascript & node.js
software design patterns
creating useful tools
app development with flutter
circuitry and arduino
website development using plain html5,css3,js
openGL & basic GLSL
game development using sfml
ui & ux design
game design


problem solving
gamemaker studio (god bless)
game development using unity


from the tiny ones to the relatively larger ones


won a golf trophy through sheer luck once
brown belt karate-er
made a game in 72 hours for ludum dare 46
made another game in an incredibly stressful 48 hours
Vigyantram 2018 @ IITB Zonal Rank 1
2nd place at exun 2019 designathon
baked pretty good garlic bread once

less small

president of the tech club of my school
IT @ Design Core Team, International Utopia MUN 2019
3rd place in "The Blackbox" competition, 2020 with team Saylus
top 25 finalists IIITD National Innovation Contest with team Saylus
2nd place in IBM's "AI For Better India Hackathon" with team Saylus
"Best Solution", Global Research Immersion Program 2019 @ the National University of Singapore